Sunday, 1 November 2009

Bathroom Bathtubs

Many modern bathtubs, such as: Massage bathtub, hydro massage bathtub, jacuzzi bathtub, spa bathtub, whirlpool bathtub, infant bathtub and so on, to meet exclusive life.
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Bathtubs | Claw foot
Are a beautiful addition to a bathroom, especially when the decor is geared to a vintage look. Claw foot tub sizes and materials vary. They are available in cast iron claw foot 54" tubs, to claw foot tubs that are 72" and made of various materials. Cast iron claw foot tubs and acrylic claw foot tubs are among the most sought after. Cast iron is traditional and very durable, but acrylic claw foot tubs are warmer to the touch and suffer less claw foot tub heat loss.
Acrylic claw foot tubs also have the advantage of being available in whirlpool and jetted versions, if you want the extra luxury and therapeutic benefits available in these bathtubs.

Vintage claw foot tubs can be very heavy especially if they are cast iron. When making a purchase online,many supply houses offer free shipping on claw foot tubs which relieves the inconvenience and expense of transport to their home.

Bathtubs | Corner
Corner bathtubs can be an attractive and workable solution to an award shaped bathroom, or just a personal preference. Corner bath tubs add a look of elegance to a bath and are reminiscent of the opulent Roman baths of days gone by. These corner tubs are available as standard tubs, and also whirlpool or hydro massage versions with jets.

Bathtubs | Pedestal
Pedestal bathtubs offer a clean vintage look with their matching skirted base which unifies the tub with the bathroom floor. The pedestal style of the bathtub originated in the art deco period in the 1920's and 30's and is still popular today.

Bathtubs | Standard
The bathtubs featured here are non-jetted tubs. Each has it's own features such as integrated backrests and arm rests, and some are pre drilled for grab bars. Read each description carefully to determine what each tub offers.

Bathtubs are made from a variety of materials such as cast iron, acrylic, fiberglass, enameled reinforced steel, and copper. Each product has it's benefits and it's drawbacks. See a helpful overview on bathtub materials.

Bathtubs | Whirlpool
Whirlpool tubs add that extra touch of luxury to a bath and increase the already pleasant experience of enjoying a nice warm soak. The massaging effect of jetted water can ease the tensions of the day, limber up those sore muscles you have rediscovered after starting a new exercise program, or relieve the discomfort of many ailments that come as a normal part of aging.

Whirlpool tubs come in a variety of lengths and materials, offer different size motors, and many different options concerning jets and safety features.

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