Monday, 2 November 2009

Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks have come a long way, from the basic basin that simply fulfilled a need, to a unique piece of art that helps set the expression of your home.

Before choosing a bathroom sink, consider the style you are looking to achieve in the bathroom as well as your space considerations and storage needs, there are perfect solutions for every space.

With today's styles, colors and unique shapes you will easily find the perfect bathroom sink to fit any design, application and artistic whim.

Every bathroom is different. Some are in tight quarters and require little to no storage such as a powder room. A small bathroom sink particularly a wall mounted design or a small pedestal sink will add nicely to such a room.

A master suite or children's bathroom will generally demand more counter space, storage and will have more room to work in a vanity top, undermount, self rimming or even vessel style sinks set over a nice cabinet will create ample storage space and a stylish appearance. bath sink guide can help determine what sink will fit best in your bathroom.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks come in a many different designs, styles, and colors.

Some types of pedestals come with wide basins for extra wash space, some come with two faucets instead of one for more control over water temperature, and some come with extra-wide tops so that you have space around the actual sink for additional storage and shelving. Plus, they come in so many shapes and sizes your decorating options are only matched by your own imagination.

Pedestal sinks are a quick way to add a unique look to any bathroom, and once the unit is installed, you now have more room to work around. In fact, so many people love the look of the pedestal sink that they actually decorate the rest of their bathrooms to match its traditional look. Using the pedestal sink as a focal point, many homeowners install a claw-foot bathtub or some stone-tile flooring in order to complement its vintage appeal.

Undermount sink

Undermount is a style of sink that allows the basin to be mounted beneath the countertop. Very common in kitchens and bathrooms, these sinks are popular because they promote a seamless appearance and allow for effective use of space. With its plumbing almost always concealed behind cabinetry, the undermount sink has an invisible advantage favored by individuals who like clean and uncluttered spaces.

One of the main identifying factors where undermount sinks are concerned is the fact that they do not feature decorative rims. In fact (because they are made to be mounted underneath the counter), many of these sinks don't have visible rims at all. Rather, they are positioned either flush with the counter or a few inches beneath it.

There are many advantages to such seamless construction, one being it makes for easy clean-up. Individuals who like to cook, for instance, frequently prefer undercounter sinks. This is because they can simply sweep unused food, crumbs, waste, etc. directly into the sink without having to worry about bits and pieces being obstructed and/or trapped by the rim. The same goes for bar areas. Spills and refuge are easy to brush into a sink that doesn't have a raised rim.

Vanity Sink

One of the biggest misconceptions about vanity sinks is that they are not effective for couples who share bathroom space. Nothing could be further from the truth! The P-Series Zin-Center double sink by Sonoma Cast Stone is a perfect example of an efficient vanity-sink made for two. Featuring a modern Asian design, the P-Series consists of concrete legs and countertop which support two basins.

The great thing about Sonoma Cast Stone is that its products are offered in more than 40 colors. Thus, the P-Series can be custom-built to complement practically any d├ęcor or aesthetic. What's more, its design is versatile and can accommodate up to six sinks. This is ideal for individuals looking to outfit commercial bathrooms with something more exciting than a traditional sink and cabinet.

Vessel Sink

A vessel sink is a sink that is designed to sit above the counter. The reason for this is almost purely aesthetic. As the popularity of vessel sinks has grown, so has the number of beautifully hand-crafted products that practically demand exhibition.

By sitting entirely above-counter, vessel sinks can be displayed for their beauty as well as their functionality.

An addition to wood, granite, onyx, marble soapstone, hand-blown glass, various metals, hand-painted ceramic and more. Each distinctive in design and appearance, all of the store's vessels are artisan crafted and quality made.

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