Friday, 12 February 2010


A house painter and decorator is a tradesman responsible for the painting and decorating of buildings, and is also known as a decorator or house painter.
The modern composition of paints results in latex formulations being widely used for exterior as well as interior. That greatly reduces post painting cleanup, and reduces the smells associated with petroleum and polyester based paints.
For many painting , the most important innovation in painting has been computerized paint scanners that formulate new paints to match the often faded color of existing paints. Or, to match fabric colors, flowers or another desired source.
Although the brush and the fabric roller were the tools most readily associated with the painter, foam brushes are now commonly used for precise work requiring a straight line. Foam brushes can also be used to create a smoother surface using less paint that dries more quickly than brush applications.
The spray gun is one of the latest tools in the painter's arsenal. It is powered by an electric, pneumaticor fuel powered motor which pumps paint through a hose into a gun whichatomizes the paint to a fine spray.
The ground brush, also known as a pound brush, was a round or ellipticalbrush bound by wire, cord or metal. They were generally heavy to use, and required considerable usage to break them in.
Sash tools were smaller brushes, similar to a ground brush, and used mainly for cutting in sash or glazing bars found on windows.
Varnish brushes are the most common flat brushes available today and are used for painting as well as varnishing.
Distemper brushes, used for applying distemper, an early form of whitewash, were best made of pure bristle and bound by copper bands to prevent rustdamage.
Fitches are smaller brushes, either ovular or flat and one inch wide, that are used in fine work such as to pick out the detail on a painted moulding. Stipplers come in various shapes and sizes and are used to apply paint with astippled effect. A duster or jamb brush was used to dust the area to be painted before work commenced. Stencil brushes, similar in style to a shaving brush, were used for the purpose of stencilling walls or in the creation of hand-madewallpapers.Brushes are best stored in a purpose made brush keeper, a box on which awire could be suspended. If brushes are cleaned after use, they can last for years.

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